Saturday, September 10, 2011

Madison is...

The biggest farmer's market in the country & places like Graze, for a nice big pre-race meal!  Check out my eggs benedict, all local & organic! We got to talking about I'M and me not drinking a Bloody bar-man said he'd make me a virgin one, minus the beer chaser.  Chaser! I can take that!  And by a mile, the best BM with organic cheese curds and hearty jerky with a New Glarius Moon Man chaser! Go Team!!!

It's also the day of the Badgers vs. The Beavers!  Go figure!!!! When I see anyone wearing OSU colors, I give a little shout. It shocks them, because they are so outnumbered by Wisconsin fans!  Picture of me with two big OSU fans coming soon, it's on the camera...
 And then on to Robert and Ellie's house for a wonderful afternoon of chitchat and relaxation.  Sitting across the street from beach, lake, sun filled garden and house....ironman? What Ironman?!!!!
Street view from Bob's house

Word has it that Georgia O'Keefe lived here for a season

Fellow athletes enjoying a fabulous afternoon together
 And so it goes. Now it's getting later in the afternoon and there's no turning back.  Bike is racked, gear is in transition rooms, all we have to do is get up early in the morning, find swim attire, hike to the swim start, and let it all happen. The hardest part is over. The logistical nightmare of a full season of Iron preparation is complete.  Now for the day that we anticipate, all year long.