Thursday, July 11, 2013

The World's Largest Granny Square...Installment #5

Yes, loyal follower, the Granny Square that fell to earth, the Granny Square that ate Ellison Bay, is here and coming to theaters near you.  Bigger, growing-er, and surprisingly consistent.   Same  cheap Red Heart Yarn, same glorious locale (beach & cottage), same obsessive mentality and curiosity over the meaning of world record status.  And I must add, that for once, the thing does seem to be gaining proportions of unique size and status.
horizontal living--the merging of perfection: rest plus craft.

Lotta yarn for sandy beach.

Now that, friend, is a granny square--not to be confused with Granny Gear.
Let's just be happy that the outer chainring isn't called chick-me and the middle isn't called drafting and loving it.

People don't change, they just get more of what they already were.

Some of you might wonder why I continue this seemingly futile pursuit. Was in not uttered just this morning, by my loving spouse, that actually if there is a woman who has made a blanket that would cover a football field, why would I insist on my Granny Square?  Well, to those of us enamored with the pure aesthetic and kitschy charm of this eloquent, mathematical crochet form, it's a no-brainer.  

And so to all those folks out there dedicated to the beauty of the Granny Square, I say, Yes!!!!! Let's do this!!!

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