Friday, December 30, 2011

The World's Largest Granny Square, Part 3

Well, loyal follower, I've promised at least twice that I am trying to crochet the largest granny square.  Here's the update.  I haven't given the subject much thought lately, what with holidays, and so forth, but a great article appeared in the New Yorker a few weeks ago which profiles Ashrita Furman, one of the greatest world record holders in a number of categories.  The article got me thinking about my granny square, which is currently sitting on a sofa in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.  So I decided to do a bit more serious investigation on the topic, only to find that there is no World's Largest Granny Square, most likely because when we are seeking something that is the largest in it's category we must be able to clearly define the category.  Granny Square, unfortunately, is not an entirely clear category given to the whims of the craftsperson and the designer and even the yarn.  There is, however, a record held by an American woman, Daphne O'Connor, which is the record for the largest crochet blanket.  When I read about the object, I must admit that my interest was piqued, but only kinda-sorta.  This woman, (who also holds a record the largest quilt), spent the better part of Two Years working on this ginormous object, measuring 24.68 by 11.58 meters (that's 81 feet long, friends).  While I love the idea, given the stack of multiple yarn art projects I've got sitting around at any one time, this one most likely won't happen...there are just too many great little ideas for me to focus on one giant task.  One thing that I learned from the New Yorker article, which doesn't really surprise me, is that there are very few world records that don't involve some incredible training and/or endurance to complete.  You aren't just gonna sit down on the beach one summer and crochet the biggest darn blanket, but heck, a gal can dream, huh?

I just love this picture!!!! Granny square, granny square!!! Me & Dad.

Couldn't I ride this while crocheting a chain?
So there you have it. Will I add on to my beloved Granny Square next summer on a cool evening?  Probably not. But the topic has led to other slightly absurd dreams.  I did find a great link that led me to a description of multiple crochet-related records.

One that is particularly interesting is the "crochet while marathoning" record.  Susie Hewer holds this record, set in 2010 in the London Marathon.  What about Crochet while doing an Ironman?  Has anyone attempted to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 and then do a marathon while crocheting?  NOW we're talking, huh?  I better start training, ha ha!

And so it goes...just a few more days before the 2012 season starts and I start holding myself to ridiculous training schedules and demands. For now, it's one workout a day and dreams of silliness and fun.  So, who knows?  One day I'm gonna wake up and just keep being silly, after all, life is too short and there are some great projects waiting for me to start!

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