Friday, December 9, 2011

Subaru sweet Subaru....needs a few more bumper stickers

 It's here!  And just in time for our first dusting of snow!  The delights are many of driving an early nineties car around suburbia. Addie says:  "'s so simple!!"! No CD player, only five pre-set buttons for the radio, a few simple buttons for the heater, and no lighting dashboard, so you better know where everything is, get the setting, and roll!  It's also, of course, miraculously clean and tidy, a testament to the proper behaviour of my Dad, for all of these years.  There are a few lonely pine needles that I hope to keep into perpetuity.
The big truck
Embellishments courtesy of Scott: I DUNE euro sticker, Florence, Oregon & the iconic I heart Oregon Map. The rest is all Dad.

Addie! Take a picture of me driving w/the snow in background! 

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  1. I can't figure out whether I should be jealous or not. I think I win on the seniority scale; but I never have been, and never shall be, able to live up to the proper behavior of your dad. Cleanliness and condition bespeak the facts.