Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Glorious Day in Toronto

This Canada-phile has no shame.  Some places are just that good.  No words express the happiness I felt during my brief stay in one of this continent's more forward thinking cities.  Didn't hurt that we were  graced with fantastic weather and wonderful life-long friends.  Here's a sampling of my day:

G'Morning Crochet
Neighborhood Park
There I go, again.

A stroll to the vintage, yarn, and empanada shops deliver this feast for the eyes.

The Art Car is alive and well!

Have plant, will travel.

And...Canadian spun yarn! Seaweed Silk!!!!!

At our beautiful store, friendly, helpful staff. "I love Toronto!"

Lettuce Knit. ..yarnbombed and daddy stroller in sight.

could it be more perfectly staged?  No!

And the moment we wait for.  A dress to wear in the states on the first weekend in July!

And there's more!!!! '70s pantsuit!  I'm blissed out!

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