Sunday, July 29, 2012

2000 Pins...It's a virtual Bumper Sticker!!!!

2000 pins on Pinterest. What does this mean? Why do I do this? Have I lost my mind? Pinboard: "Oh, You're a Clever Girl!":

From the Pinboard: "Oh, you're a clever girl!"

Time suck? Pinboard: Eichler-ish:

Pinboard: Eichler-ish
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

 Pure addiction? Pinboard: Cycling, Elswhere.

Pinboard: cycling, elsewhere
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Commodification of all that exists, good and bad? Pinboard: Objects for living in a house:
Pinboard: Objects for living in a house.
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

OK, OK, maybe. But here's an attempt at a sincere justification. When I pin, I pin with an agenda.  Folks who know me, know that I have a strong opinion about everything.  After all, Julie and Mary, years ago knew me well enough to give me the much-celebrated bumper sticker called: Not Neutral! Ask my Opinion!

From the board: "Thoughts whilst training: Ironman"

So this is a not-so-subtle way to attach images to thoughts, often excluding the thoughts.  Whoever sees the pin can draw their own conclusions, ponder my meaning, or go ahead and send it forward to their followers.  I love bumper stickers, so perhaps it's not such a surprise that I love Pinterest.

Pinboard: Art Cars

Given that Pinterest is an image factory, there is no avoiding the fact that most of the images found on Pinterest are very alluring ones.  Be they of clothing, travel destinations, home exterior, home interior, or celebrity, the beautiful grandiose images are robust and rampant.  The images that I choose, in my opinion, are probably just as sexy as any others, in their own way, but I'm trying to keep the images grounded in some sort of aesthetic based upon what we remember to be, sometimes with sadness and sometimes with happiness.

Pinboard: Remember when...or was it a dream?

from the board: Remember when...or was it a dream?

  Even when pinning images involving home improvement or design, I am attracted to an aesthetic that gives us a little bit of yearning for what was, or what might have been, or the dreams that we had, long ago.  I adore the board Mobile Home, for so many reasons, and I've found other sympathetic souls out there in the world.  I know that my own board dedicated to mobile homes is different from the similar boards that others have created.
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

So what am I doing?  Am I not creating some sort of cosmic wish list for myself? Am I not recreating images that I aspire to?  What's the idea here?  I am trying to cultivate a scrapbook, a sampling of the things that really turn me on.  Take, for example, my board called "The End of Things." On this board, I've collected images of lost heroes, and lost places, even images that remind us that, as we used to hear so often: "The End is Near." Detroit Boat Club, Belle Isle, Detroit, MI.

And on and on.  This has been a terribly difficult blog post to drag together.  It's been the better part of a week, and I still feel that I can't create a story out of it, so maybe Pinterest is a lazy woman's game. A way to simply click and pin on "turn-ons" and insist my audience, however small or large, make sense of it, or just stay away from it. And so, here it is, my two thousandth pin!!! It's a repin from one of my Yarn Goddess, Heroes, Babuka Babukatorium.  This yarn bombed chair is whimsical, beautiful, something that I love and aspire to!!! And there I go, onto my own Pinboard: Yarn Factory:

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