Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Diary: How's my trip to Oregon thus far?

Arrive at noon Friday. Bro hid keys to Mom's car in gas cap. Check.
Drive to Florence and unwind with the kids and Mom. Check.
Swim with kids. Check.

Saturday run 9 miles. Check.
Soon after, on the way to visit Dad at Regency Nursing home get ticket for speeding in a 25mph zone & driving uninsured vehicle. Check.
Swim with kids. Check.
Saturday night, make delicious meal w/Scott and Ann's CSA plus regional wild caught Coho--perfection. Check.
Sunday morning, long run staged through the town: 2 miles solo, 3 miles with running buddies Kris and Kathy, 3 more miles to Regency to drink cranberry juice with Dad,  2 miles to Scott & Ann's for power bar and sports drink, 5 more miles home.  Took three hours, but it sort of added up to my 15 Iron Training. Check.
Then to the big celebration, Zelma's 100th birthday party!  Years ago, I used to play tennis with Zelma's husband, Virgil, and a whole host of players in a daily round-robin tournament.  Those were my summer days at Addie's age.  
Swim with kids. Check.

Quite an occasion for a party.

Daughter Dolores, left, organized the whole thing for Zelma.

 By the end of Sunday, the kids are running bikes and bare feet up and down our quiet street.  Laughing and working on this misty evening. Poetry.  I love these kids.
I LOVE my teenager!!!!

Tired and finally motionless.
 Monday morning. More running (of course). After Mom's mammogram we were able to pay a visit to the Florence Courthouse/Justice Center.  I had evidence to prove that we did indeed have insurance on the car (which will knock 260 bucks off of my ticket), but I have to wait until the ticket enters the system to do anything about the moving violation.  When I learn that it may not be in the system until later in the week I worry that I may be gone by then, but the friendly guy behind the counter ensured that I can do it all over the phone. In fact, I may be able to go to traffic school ONLINE!  Happiest news I've heard yet on this trip.   He asked me if I had a computer, and I said, "Yes...more than one!"
I'm gonna go into that courthouse and reverse this injustice!

Look! It's a stuffed bear & a number that I can call in a week! How civilized!

In other words...we're not in Illinois anymore!
 And then, finally, Therapy time for Dad.  The kids park themselves in Dad's room while he sleeps.  When the therapist arrives and tells him it's time for exercise he complains like a pro, but by the time we get him into the therapy room he rallies and behaves like the champion he always was.
Over What hill? Where? When?

Just pedal and keep the green smiley face on the screen.
Looking at Dad's cycling program, I couldn't help but think it's merely an extension of all the training that I do.  One of my fondest memories is of the Manatee Open Water swim that I competed in a number of times in Lake Del Valle.  One year, my Dad and I participated (each swimming one mile), and another year Peter and I did the relay.  Today as Dad's session neared an end, the therapist eyed me and indicated that this was some of his best work, today.  I was proud of my guy, but also sad, knowing that it's impossible for me to somehow provide that sort of inspiration long term, when I am far away.  This isn't a condition that is gentle on the mind, and honestly, when I'm not there talking about our trip along the Oregon Coast or about the swim we did or about Dad's relentless exercise at the Elks, well, he sort of slumps in his seat and stares into space.  That's where We're at.  So. If you're trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your day/month/year/life, you might as well get going!


  1. IOkeedokeee! 'm planning an 18 miler for Saturday. Kris and I are doing 8.2 at her pace to the beachfront and back. Then I'll do the same thing again. I'm going to deposit gus and gatorade along the way. I have to add another mile and a half, which i'll either do before I meet Kris or at the bitter end. It'll be long, but better here in the coastal fog than back in ol' OP!