Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunrise, Pie, Rollercoasters, Bingo, Water, Sunset.

 Well, it comes to an end.  Summer break for the unencumbered woman.  Today I have meetings, and will for the next few days.  It's time to go back to work.  Go figure!  I'm pretty conflicted about this whole daily work thing, as friends and loyal followers know.  I have a lot of interests, outside of school work, and it's not my hobbies, alone, that get me into trouble, it's the pile of responsibilities and ways of living that require my attention. Then again, the work I do is fun, important, I'm good at it, and, actually, I'm still afforded an amount of independence that many employment situations don't offer.  I'll take it.  But this, a farewell reflection on photos, is my goodbye kiss to a fabulous summer season!!!!
photo cred. ashby


Our walk to Lake Michigan.  It becomes visible right here.

We gotta getta kayak, yeah!


And...what else is there?

An evening at Jens Jensen's clearing. Beautiful.

Girl is proud of mom & her guns.  Mom is so amazed by this goofy brilliant beauty.

Sunrise! Never not amazing.

Sometimes it's so perfect inside that we run outside to see what's going on!

Pie. Pie. Pie!!!!! Come on everybody, say it: "PIE!"

Great America.


Already PT is a thing of the past, but I was there for one of Dad's last workouts.  Did me proud.

BINGO!!!! Teen goes with Grandma every time, willing, polite, loving, even winning!!!!

A girl and her magazine.  What can I say?

The delights and wisdom of sand boarding.  Teacher Addie.

Auntie crimps hair...this will Not be happening at home.

Lighthouse window.

Thordardson's Gate.

sandy beach, good morning sky!

Washington Island Ferry.

Sunset, LOVE. Skipping rocks.

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  1. Summer can NOT end until (at least) September 10th! I call!