Saturday, August 25, 2012


My love affair with all things midcentury continues.  Driving to Door County, for the past few years, has exposed my aesthetic to numerous disappointments.  The replacement of beautiful midcentury lodging options by more "up to date", always gives pause for a little sadness.  This past weekend, however, we witnessed the beginning of a terrific victory!  This sweet little motel has been sitting for sale on the outskirts of Sturgeon Bay for quite a few years.  Every year when I drive by, I think to myself, "how can this place possibly be saved?" After all, it's not in a very pristine location (highway) and is surrounded by new development (Target, McDonald's, American Suites (sp), BP, and so on). 

check out the fabulous car parked right in the lot where it belongs!

  I've always had my own fantasy of rehabbing a smallish motel, taking care to enhance both inner and outer design elements.  The pure and simple beauty of a roadside motel, where visitors could pull their car up to the room in which they would sleep, is as timeless as any other American Dream.
The beginnings of uplift, dabs of test paint, spruced up, loved, SAVED!

Can't wait to see what happens with all this!
  Growing up with parents of the generation that drove great distances and bargain shopped for just the right motel, I have so many memories of my own, inhabiting these motels, often themed appropriately to their greater locale.
Ever willing to take part in the fun! Peering into the office windows.
 Closer to home in Northern Door County, I have a friend in love of midcentuy design and marketer extraordinaire.  She has helped rebrand and save the classic Rowley's Bay Resort.  If you love this stuff, or if you're simply looking for a great holiday, active getaway, please give this resort a shot! It's meticulously cared for, and salvaged forties decor and design that made it so terrific on the gorgeous Mink River!
Joyful life. Joyful aesthetics.  Fantasy continues.
Walking around the sign to find some alternate views I found the amazing pronouncement: SAVED!
I don't know who bought the place or what they plan on doing with it, but I see the beginnings of paint and repair, and of course the presence of the vintage auto indicate that a person from my own planet is working this thing.  Delightful!!!


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