Sunday, July 8, 2012

A post completely lacking in Irony...

 Just the simple beauty and love of a week in Door County.  Joy!  What does the Unencumbered Woman do?  Train, naturally!  Well, not exactly.  Although there was a fair amount of running, swimming and biking going on, there was ample time for the other things that we love to do while in Ellison Bay.  Especially after I metaphorically crashed and burned on the fourth (maybe we'll post about that later, but for now let's celebrate fun!) No text left for this post....too much time for relaxation.
Dinner with Granny, fresh just slurp them!


A walk in neighbor's meadow. Peter & I with a chance to be together.

Man and his mind. What would we do without it?

Doesn't look like he pulled his back out on the fourth of July, but it's true!

Courtesy of Ashby.

Bead time!

I never thought I'd get around to using those beads that Kris and I bought in Rosemont!

Go ahead, try to make me  grumpy!

A little time with parents, big sis is weathering it out at swim meet in Chicago.

Cute is as cute does.

Neighbor farm, reinvented and re-invigorated. there is hope!

Newport State Park. A piece of wilderness.

Our dream, one day have our own kayaks for this launch.

Our road. LOVE!

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