Sunday, November 6, 2011

"OK...If you hold a gun to my head...."

Collection thanks to Mom! Fresh as the day it was purchased in 1952
 Today I unveiled the Helmet Cover emblazoned with gun.  I have been working on this rendition of a fifties boy's hat for a month or so, and as I adapted the pattern, I realized that I had over-worked the upsizing, thus the intended snug fit was giant on my own head.

 I pondered washing the wool, but thought better and turned it into a helmet cover for cycling!

Photo credit, Addie.
Meet up spot at Lake & Harlem. Photo courtesy of Rick.

Addie: be sure you get all the an
 I love the kitschy child's toy gun, mixed with my rad fifties colors (chartreuse, brown, and coral).  The guys at the corner of Lake & Harlem were duly impressed.  Some seem to think it's a commodity that I can mass produce, but alas, the one and only!
And it's November!!!!!
And then we were off! We were on one of Michael's adventure rides. This time we went North, then East to Evanston, which is rare for us.  Once we got North of Evanston and into Wilmette, Winnetka, etc, we encountered the North Shore Cyclists, who I would describe, basically, as just like us, except we never cross paths because we always ride West and South, they always ride North and West.  We all stopped at the Baha'i Temple for a photo op, and this is what we captured on my camera.

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