Friday, November 18, 2011

"This has fall written all over it"

My re-entry into the five day work week has been an adventure indeed.  I'm feeling like I've kind of got a sense, now, of what it feels like, or what it will feel like for the time being--sort of like being in a blender, twenty four hours a day.  Now, more than ever, it's all about efficiency.  I'm always trying to get more things done in the same amount of time, but come to think of it, since I'm forever committed to my own leisure activities, this means further efficiency in the manor of my hobbies.  Loyal follower probably remembers the crochet while biking post, and I often discuss the concept of squeezing a workout of sorts in between parenting responsibilities.  One of the precious aspects of the unencumbered woman's life, however, is the quiet that one finds when they have a little extra down time in their life.  So I've been running on the treadmill at the YMCA lately, but the minute I get on the machine I feel bombarded by video monitor, my own ear buds, and all manor of electronica.  The other week I was interrupted by countless texts, etc., all related to the carpools, practices, etc..that the kids were involved in.  Today I tried a new tactic on the treadmill, a combining of one calming obsession with another.  What might that be?
Crossword puzzling while running, of course!!!!

Photos courtesy of Drew

Says Drew: "This has *fall* written all over it."

Drew: "The problem with these shots is you can't tell that you're running!"  
The problem, really, is that somebody who tries to do too much at one time doesn't do very well at any of the pursuits, but it sure is fun to try!  Maybe never again...maybe Monday! Who knows?  Some technical details to iron out:  is a difficult or easy crossword more effective for enjoyment and fulfilling workout requirements?  I tried to run while thinking about the puzzle, then would ramp up the elevation and walk while writing.  I was perfectly happy with this solution.  It's obviously healthier than blasting out my eardrums with classic jams which i tend to run on the iPod if left to my own devices.  I'm liking the quiet, and not watching a video monitor.  We'll see....will this be a year of famously ridiculous ironman workouts? After all these years, what else, really, is left besides near insanity,  without causing physical harm.

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