Thursday, November 3, 2011

deeper and deeper

Well. It's come to this.  A full time job has driven me to the brink of complete insanity.  If a sane person went from, say, two days of work per week two five, their response might be to: a. tidy up the house a bit b. get hired help c. eat out more often.
And what do I do? Bury myself ever deeper in the pursuit of yarn-art nirvana. Here I am with one of my recent might ask what it is.  Peter insisted: it's something to hang your stinky wet cycling clothes on!  I reply, no! It's a yarn winder and rack!
A person might also wonder why we might need to wind yarn when there are plenty of perfectly wound skeins of yarn in the world, already!  Well, herein lies the rub, involving full time employment.  Now that I have to haul myself and two children out into the world each and every day, there isn't much time to tend to the Local Yarn Store (LYS in hip-yarn-speak), so I am, sigh, buying yarn and so much, oh so much more, online, now like the rest of the world.  Click, click purchase, alas!

Yeah, they can do this at the LYS, but look how fun it is!

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