Friday, June 8, 2012

You make the call: perfect garden? perfect chaise?

That trellis is falling down. Must. Replace. Trellis. 
 OK, it's been a great year at school and all, but I'm so ready to be done with it. In fact, today, our last day at school, was an opportunity to clean up some equipment, help the Prairie kids get their ice cream machine working, spend some time in Ashby's classroom, and say goodbye to the guys in the basement (read: hard workin' men at an old fashioned Catholic in the basement? use it!!!!).  I'm already home, packing for my weekend adventure, but not a minute too soon to blog real quick about the shawl-turned halter that I just finished last night in time for our fifth grade graduation.  This is a sample of working the pattern as it the world of crochet, you never, never, know for sure what you're going to end up with.  An example, also, of pre-blocked work (Yes Doris Chan, I'm humiliated to admit, but on this perfect weather afternoon I wasn't about to go into the basement to block the thing).  Post-block pictures available sometime this summer.  Will save that for Ravelry.
 Oh, who the hell cares!!!
 So, another crochet project checked of the list.  With a newly opened schedule, I hope I won't spend the summer in a chronic state of fatigue post-workout style.  I've got a pile of yarn and other projects that are calling me as loudly as the open road.  And so, it's another attempt at the ol' balance principle.   We'll see how it goes.  There are also family responsibilities, cleaning, yard work, braces, and so on and so forth.  Wishing myself many, many, many more moments like this in the free aluminum chaise lounge from the estate sale two doors down.  I love free stuff, I especially love free stuff that never went in our car!
So the ol' life-coach in me also says: I'm not just wishing myself these hours in the chaise, I'm wishing it for you.  We all want that perfect yard/house/bedroom/body, but to hell with it. It's summer, here in the midwest. Enjoy every bug-free outdoor moment available to you. We've earned it!
This delightful pattern is painfully easy, 7 chain, one single crochet!

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