Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's Proof! Braggebration Time!!!!!

The other day I was out running, after a fairly hefty weekend of training.   I was out for a long run following a spritely forty mile ride with the guys.  Towards the end of my run, I saw one of my heroes out starting his own brick. I could see the surprise in his eyes, along with a bit of respect that he was throwing my way.  Perhaps I don't really listen to what I'm saying when I talk to my friends. I spend so much time talking about recalibrating my life, work, time with the kids, slowing down with age, and so on, that I don't celebrate that I'm still tough (or would that be bragging?) OK, braggebrating that I'm tough!!!!
So here we go, proof, quite literally, that I'm still out there doing Triathlon. In fact I think Galena was something like my 45th triathlon, but who's counting? 

The Galena Sprint Triathlon, May 2012:

Photographers, found at every modern sporting event,
lest we want to drop a dime on real live documentation of
our muscles, tans, and hot racing suits!

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