Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The UW Does it Again!

Kayak Goddess Alison, teaching my little kiddies!
So what did we do for our holiday weekend?  We hauled out of town for the now-legendary WMCKA Kayak Symposium (hosted by the Western Michigan Coastal Kayak Association). Three days of fun, friends, and water!  It was just the three women, so a number of people here in town can attest to the wanderings of the Unencumbered Man, but I can't say I was witness to that phenomenon.  As for the women, we rocked the lake.

And this, only the first day!  Missed photo-op on day #2 & 3.

Ashby overcame some first timer anxiety, Addie took it to another level. We all returned wanting more.  More summer, more water, more kayak, more camp. Good thing it's in our near future. We love it!

Next step? Paddle surf. Of course!

If you think I probably stuffed my bike into the rear of the van, you're wrong!  I threw my running shoes in, and got out a few times, but mostly, besides admiring my children, talking to friends, and crocheting (and other camp duties), the Unencumbered Woman prevailed once again.  If it's a holiday weekend, or a sunny day, or anything even resembling an excuse for leisure, seize the moment!
It's about time!

Not a moment too soon.

Day 4?  Pack it up, girlfriend. Everything ends...sniff sniff.  Here's one of the Kayak Goddesses, herself, Mary Colleen.  Mary is the go-to-tie-the-boat-to-the-roof-woman and we are carrying an extra boat, we didn't buy a new kayak.
See this rope? It's so if the kayak falls off of your car, it'll just hit you, not someone else...

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