Saturday, May 5, 2012

But Wait...there's more!

"Did you make that?" "Why, it would take years!"
Yesterday I wrote about the fabulous aluminum cups I bought at the estate sale two doors down.  I didn't even take the time to discuss multiple shades of crochet arcana!  Dig this, in the basement I find a mint condition crochet thread weight cardigan, hand made in China, who knows in what year (1970?).  The thing, clearly has never been worn, and I love rescuing crochet of any sort, especially when it's slammin' like this garment.  Even better, there was a Gala Event to attend last night and I hadn't even begun to think about attire, so snap! Instant evening sweater! Check it out!!!!!

But there's more! In the basement, there was a pile of pattern books and cooking pamphlets, usual assemblage that you might find at a house that hadn't significantly altered in 40 years or so.  Lo and behold, I find a Granny Square pattern book from the seventies that is beyond perfection.  Words don't give this little gem justice.

Yeah, baby, dare me to sport this puppy!
Ahhh. The romance of the seventies.

I get goosebumps just thinking about the fact that the crochet revival that has taken place in my own household during the past three years has been sitting practically on top of a treasure trove of kitschy goods. Perhaps we've been cosmically connected to that little house, two doors down, little molecules have been drifting up the sidewalk all this time. Who's to say?  Something could be in the air, indeed!

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