Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Y'all!!!

Ahhh....Mother's Day. What a fine holiday. The day that Mom gets to "not cook or clean" and either get served by others, or get taken out for a meal. Cooking? Cleaning? There's always tomorrow, the sooner the better. And now that I've got that cleared up, I have a few minutes for blogging. So what's new and exciting? Not exactly a lot, besides the arrival of spring and lots of holiday joy.  Here I am, last week, at Ashby's birthday party. Can you say, "pass the valium, please?"  I'm hoping I don't always have this glazed look on my face while talking to a nine-year old.  But look a little closer, catch the apron-dress thing?  One of my recent vintage acquisitions, which looked simply fabulous on the rack.  Unfortunately, a full frontal apron has the negative effect of, well, broadening the appearance of one's torso.  Kerry Vitali, apron creator extraordinaire, lectured me on this very theme quite some time ago, when I requested an apron that covered the stain age portion of my cooking wear, and she explained how utterly un-flattering full length aprons look.  How true, how true.

hmmm....motherly peace?

OK, now it's my darling daughter with the transparent sneer on her face...
So, now that Mother's Day is practically over, for those of us east of the Rockies, I'd like to celebrate with a song.  Connie Francis, "Mama", sort of reminds me of the mother that my own mother's generation was trying to be.  In fact, in our own moment in history, when women are being pushed back by political forces more powerful than we can comprehend, I find this delightful ditty to be heart wrenching and ominous.

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