Friday, June 15, 2012

Tchotchke Row!

Three days into Summer Vacation and we've come this far.  It's time for the grand opening of Tchotchke Row.  Have you ever read those stories about families in which the parent is more excited about the activity than the children?  This may be one of those cases, but if we can share just a little bit of our junk with some kid walking down the street before it goes to landfill, I consider Tchotchke Row a huge success.  Not sure what the OP Police Department has to say about this, but really, every kid in town is selling some sort of priced up sugar water made from a can calling it lemonade.  Can't my kids sell some old toys sitting in the basement two steps away from becoming an item in a collage project?
Misspellings abound--will correct after rainstorm!
 The egg carton is the donation bin. I'm thinking about throwing some change in there, so people will know where they should leave their coin. But of course, free is also an option.  Maybe it should be I that is paying kids to remove junk from our lawn.
It's Tchotchke Row! Maybe you want a little knick-knack?  
 All I know is that I'm sharing a little bit of my own insanity & obsession with the kids.  What better way than to spend a summer's day.
We have knick-knacks, and are willing to share!  You never know what you might find...

...on Tchotchke Row!


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea! I hope you are a trendsetter in OP! If you run out of junk (I mean "treasures") - I got plenty!

  2. My kids think I'm crazy, but i always say, "consider the alternative". That quiets them down!