Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun! ~JW

 Don't look now, but it's adventure time!!! Don't miss out on the season, if at all possible.  If, LF, you are stuck at a cubicle or meeting somewhere, I'm so sorry.  Take a peek at these photos and think about sneaking away, if for a very short time.  So here's my dream day in Madison, Wisconsin, site of the Ironman Wisconsin in eighty days (but who's counting?).

IM Wisconsin bike course

IM Wisconsin bike course
 It all started with a bang. My new great friend and training buddy Jilly dragged me over seventy miles of the Ironman course.  We'll just do the stem and the loop once, OK?  Yeah, whatever you say, boss.  It was actually a delightful ride. Riding with Jilly is terrific, because she's raced IMMOO every year (yes EVERY YEAR for ten years) and trains frequently on the bike course.  Watching her attack the course gave me a sense of the few occasions that one should brake on the ride, and where she flows.  I always need a confidence booster on descents, so I felt a bit of permission when watching her glide ahead of me down hills.  We got out early enough to enjoy sun without too much heat (about 88F) and we were finished before noon.  I'm not going to elaborate on the training.  To know Jilly is to know steady riding, just my style, with a few notches added for "not stopping for anything more than 1-2 minutes).  Then we jumped into Lake Monona for a little swim.  Jilly admits that I was about to witness her "weakest sport".  Thank goodness, "the crack in the armor", I respond.

But as we finished I realized that if I jumped into the car and drove back to Oak Park, I'd rob Addie of her opportunity to be in charge of Ashby and house and order pizza and TV for dinner.  So, If I were a typical tri-geek, I'd obviously don running shoes and add another workout to the mix, but alas, that's not me, at least not today!  I put my day clothes on and headed for State Street, my favorite midwestern town with major retail boulevard closed to all automobile traffic!

When in Madison, I've got a couple of responsibilities. First, just loving Madison.  I'm loving this Badger Liqour sign on pink that sits smack in the middle of everything.  Blue sky, soft clouds, hot, low humidity. I'm happy!!!! 
Badger Liquor: Ice Cubes~

Beyond photography, stop number one is the unisex hair salon, always a deal and capable of cutting my hair as short as I prefer. I was pretty punchy in the salon, after an iced coffee-thing and unencumbered-ness, so my stylist definitely earned her tip.

Short enough for summer training?

 And, naturally, lunchtime.  Typical earthy-college-town-lunch-affair.  Tibet/Indian/type food, great for vegetarians and all-around flexitarians like me!

Bhat Tarkari
 And then a walk to the mother-lode.  Bumper sticker store (they sell other things: self-help books, t-shrts, music, incense, jewelry, you know the drill).  But this is where I rely on replenishing bumper-sticker supply, especially since the Subaru is a little light right now.

 You probably wonder how many bumper stickers I grabbed? That, LF, will remain a secret, until you see the Subaru proudly adorned with new additions.  Some classics, some new.  I'm loving it!!!! Must be summer, and I must have grown up in a crunchy college town!!!! The guy behind the counter wasn't too cheerful.  They might be feeling pretty low, since there's Walker stuff all around us, but as I become the grizzled ol' mother, I can only say, "the struggle continues".

And a glimpse up State Street towards the capitol building.  This is a hoot on Ironman Day, especially for those who are sitting drinking a beer and eating a salad.  On the run course, I'm not so sure, but as Jilly says:  "It doesn't have to be fun to be fun!"  (what a fabulous bumper sticker that would be!!!!).
And here it is, IM run course!!! This is so fun on IM day!!! Lots of athletes, lots of heat, lots of pain!!!
I was back in the car in time for driving all the way home (not a short trip), and in time for pizza with the kids.  Nothing exploded, and with a  mere 10 or so hours away from home. Revitalized, energized, exercised, and ready for a new day, a new adventure!!!

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