Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scenic Chicagoland Cycling

 As I put the finishing touches on my two pages dedicated to a bike trip thirteen years ago, Peter opened his mouth to share with me the fact that he believes that perhaps my blog, this blog, is falling off-message.  Is it not, he said, about adventures in the Western Suburbs?  Well, yes...but also it is called the unencumbered woman and how do we discuss the unencumbered woman without addressing the fact that I, like most other people, toil daily at both the mundane and dramatic workings of life.  I can't help but think maybe he has a point, but I never was much at sticking to just one topic...
docking area for trucks
So with an interest in bringing my musings back to adventures in the Chicagoland area, I decided to take a few pictures during my bike ride today.  It was a fairly nice afternoon, although some would say that it was a bit on the windy side. 

onward to Lemont
our little incident...
destination Plainfield Starbucks. Forty miles from home.
Why I chose these pictures, most likely times that I was off the bike.  I did stop at the docking area  because there is an eerie beauty to some of the industrial/transportation landscapes that we ride by on our usual routes. 

Some might remember the sawhorse that jack smashed into this summer. Now the pothole/sinkhole has been patched.

This Starbucks is nestled in a sort of hideous walmart/red robin/strip mall complex, but it's part of my routine.  Something to look forward to, on a long journey that is tough whether I'm alone or with friends.  Today I sat at a table and enjoyed the solitude of the moment, and thought about all the stuff churning around in my head.  I sent a text to Peter, saying that my journey would easily take the entire day, given my slow pace.  On the way back home I ran into a guy from Western Springs who helped me pick up the pace for a few miles, but at the Glen I cried uncle. Who am I kidding? I hardly ever ride, anymore! Making it home at a modest pace is the most I can hope for. So I pulled off, resumed my pace and rode home with the wind at my back.

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