Monday, April 18, 2011

Proof of what we know to be true.

How often do we sit around, idly believing something that we know, absolutely, to be not true?  Take, for example, a swimming pool's gigantic proportions. We might be able to say that an olympic size pool contains 600,000 gallons (2271247.06 liters) of water, but how many of us really believe this?  And the color. I remember spending hours when I was a child, sort of splashing water against the wall of the pool, trying to get a glimpse of that white painted wall.  No matter how well I know this, I still can't believe that the tiles in the pool that I usually swim in are, well, white!!! This morning I decided to document proof.  Proof that this sucker is one huge pond, and that it's a white, white container!!!!  Can't wait 'til it's clean and tidy and filled with that blue water again!

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