Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memo Book

Last day of this trip. Never enough time. I managed to sneak away to my favorite ocean overlook on the way back from Fred Meyer (I wanted to replace Dad's memory book, which was destroyed in the laundry). I was ready to take a shot of myself, when a gentleman in a red felt hat offered to do it for me.  He was a quick study in the art of smart-phone photography. I noted his Elks jacket and asked if he was a member of the local lodge and does he know Dad (yes, and of course he does).  So as I'm composing my blog post in my head, Andy throws open the rear of his van to show me his handmade carved myrtlewood crosses.  He wants to give me one, and all I have to do is sign his memory book.  We talked about the weather, my dad, and the fact that the overlook was he and his wife's favorite spot.  We exchanged hugs and that was that.

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