Friday, March 25, 2011

...and what would you do?

photo credit: Ashby
So what would be an appropriate response, one might ask, if one or both of their eighty-something parents were in and out of rehab nursing homes and suffering from various age related illnesses and increasing dementia? Would an appropriate response be to create a fabulous granny square dress?

Joyce Carol Oates, A Widow's Story
And if one were suffering the above mentioned conditions, if one were limited to, say, one single author, who would one insist upon reading, through the late phase of their life as children, offspring, daughters? Which prolific artist would we insist upon?

And what's more, what sort of coping mechanisms might one employ to deal with the onslaught of chaos?
 Perhaps clean, update, and redesign major swaths of interior living space?  Check out the fabric on the pillows. I've been carrying sample swatches of Melinamade since 1994!  Finally purchased a large quantity of the boomerang charcoal and am finishing front porch furniture. 

It'll even double as my sewing room/office!

 And the final responses to stress? Cooking and humour! 
Addie behind the camera is bound and determined to make me laugh.
photo credit: Addie

What is that...a cobweb?

Flapjacks on a Friday morning? You betcha!

Oops....I forgot to work out this morning!

And so it goes.  Another week in the life of suburban mother/daughterhood.  My photographers are awesome, and
 we love to joke around and laugh with each other.

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