Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Countdown to the insanity...

I feel sexier just looking at these tights! Who needs to exercise?
Well, it looks like about twenty seven weeks until Ironman Wisconsin.  I'm registered, but I'm not exactly enrolled.  Having a hard time justifying the time and energy required prior to event, when there is so much else to do, both required and recreational.  It's never too late to start training, however, and it's truly never too late to start gearing up.  Take, for example, what I stumbled upon while I was perusing the web for some new running shoes (yes, I buy my shoes online and I can't really say I feel guilty about it, given the weak selection of retail outlets here in suburbia).  But here they are, tights that will actually make my legs stronger and more rested, just by wearing them.  Price?  $175 (and that's with my VIP discount).  Needless to say, these tights are primarily targeted at triathletes--who else would blow a few days pay on leg covering?
Remember the '70's and '80's, when running was the domain of skinny guys in college towns like Eugene who grew long-ish hair and ate nuts and grains?  No longer so.  Lost souls of endurance sports, where are we?

Grete Waitz
Check out  Leo Kulinski's website. He has fantastic photos of bygone days.  Here's one of my all time heroes, Grete Waitz.  I think of her often. In fact, just the other day during a long run I remembered what she said about coming to the United States to run.  She observed that Americans were so crazed about running that they ran in place at traffic lights.  While I was bouncing around (or was I actually standing around?)  at the corner of LaGrange Road and 26th, I was reminded of this comment.

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