Friday, March 27, 2015

Chunky Skirt? Check. Ready for a Few More Cold Days.

Cover thy Ass!  Okay West Coast friends, time to fess up.  We still have patches of snow. In fact, it snowed, again, last night (well into March).  I'm not terribly bothered by it, but there it is, seventy degrees yesterday, thirty tomorrow.  Somewhere in the dark cold this season I came very close to purchasing one of those full length down parkas that many women wear around these parts.  Aside from not wanting to part with my money, and not being able to make a decision (color/brand/pricepoint/shape), I just recommitted to making enough warm bottom coverers that I'd do just fine with a wool skirt over leggings or pants until the weather breaks.

And here we are, a quick breath away from warmer temps and longer days.  The pleasure found in creating this skirt, along with the functionality, is that the chunky yarn works up like a dream.  Within days, or even hours, I've got a product that I can wear.

 This skirt possesses a rare trait of my creations.  If I were to build and sell this skirt, I could price it for less than a fortune, since labor time is gouged.  For those of you craving one of my designs, this might be the place to start!
And so, we're off on another adventure.  Have yarn, have car, have friends in hip places.  I'll take it, grey skies or no.   Now, let me see if I can track down those kids.

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