Monday, January 21, 2013

The World's Longest Sock, and the Grooviest Bag

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "I love my man!"  Best friend, loyal follower, clever, devilishly argumentative, ready for a game, and always willing to please. What more could I ask for?  For this photo shoot I don the cartoon bag, created by a company called "Jump from Paper."  Peter supposedly stopped someone on the street he found it so amusing.  One winter holiday later, and he's wondering why I haven't used it yet..."because it's too small to hold all the crap I carry around?!?"  But what sort of response is that, coming from somebody who's trying to be "unencumbered"?  So for our swim meet, I squished some yarn and hook and pattern magazine into it, ready to go.  Besides, I can cram all that other stuff into my Patagonia pockets!

The World's Longest Sock, with the World's grooviest shoulder bag.
Finishing touches, finally, on the World's Longest Socks. Worked up in a quite forgiving Superwash Merino Wool with 10% nylon, these babies are good to go! Love the variegated purple/black and it took all of four skeins to make these long suckers.  Here's to a great year of knitting! Perfect purse stuffer, for monotonous stretches of time where continuous circular knitting fits the bill.

up and over the knee, they are!
 There were times when I wondered where this tattered pattern actually came from. Running and knitting buddy, Kris, in Florence, provided it to me a few years ago, but we don't really know from which book it originated--a search that we might have to pursue in the not-so-distant future.
pattern courtesy of Kris: and what book????
Here they are, boot-worthy, Chicago-worthy, go!

 Yesterday, at a mammoth  youth swim meet, friend Steve wondered aloud, if, in fact, he reads more than one book a week, how much does Karen Steward-Nolan create in the same time?  Sometimes it seems as though I might match the man's proficiency, but heck, let's face it....Steve is a gargantuan novel-reader, and I tend to take on projects that take on the heft of their name, hence titled: The World's Greatest....!

Heel & Toe perfection, I'll say it myself!

Yup, that's about thirty inches, there!!!!