Thursday, January 3, 2013

Granny Shawl-ette!

Last summer, I embarked on a "Florence, only" yarn project--an improvised Granny Square Shawl-ette. Now that it's almost time to go home, I just put the finishing touches on the little ditty.  I bought the yarn right here at the cutie-pie LYS,  Happy Kamper, The Yarn Barn.  Made of Jaeger, Roma 63%  viscose yarn and 15% angora, it's a little less precious than some of the fibers I work with, and frankly, maybe a more honest reflection of my life here in Oregon, which, at times, seems Sprouse Reitz all the way. But Sprouse Reitz is really just a memory.  Today it's all about Fred Meyer, of course.

And a little photo session out front of the abode.  Check out the home across the way. This vintage Mobile Home is top-notch, house of many good friends over the years. I was sitting and the sunlight was so incredibly brilliant that the vertical stripes were stupendous at about three PM.

And what if it had a little hood?
I might as well indulge myself, or ask you, LF, to indulge me, since coming back to this place is a reminder of my yesterdays, every time.  In this case, I must insist that years and years and years were spent, on weekends away from home and summers and more, in these trailers, knitting, yarn hooking, embroidering, needlepointing and the like. It was on the long stretches in between the regular kid stuff that I immersed my young self in the artfulness of craft, or needle arts, or whatever we want to call it.  There were days that I would pedal off to Mary Alice's trailer, either stuck with a problem or proud of a product.  I see my handiwork displayed throughout my mother's home.  Wow. And here I am, still.  And what's the problem? Nothing.  The forever-ness of our early loves is just that...forever.  So here I am, with smartphone and schmancy camera in hand, but toiling at the hobbies that have always brought me to a simpler, basic state of mind...unencumbered, even!
It really doesn't get any better than this.

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