Sunday, October 23, 2011

Field Trip!

What would a salon be without the magazine rack?
 Another beautiful Sunday in the burbs, and here we are, enjoying a little mother-daughter time.  I asked Ashby if there was any special treat that she might like from me (she had been feeling a little slighted). Her response? A mani-pedi, of course!  Some of us ol' hairy hippies have to run to the dictionary for that one (it's called a manicure-pedicure: treatment of both feet and hands).  I opted for a mere pedicure, which is about all the excitement I can handle.  Must say the massaging chair is fabulous, along with the foot and leg massage.
Lime Green

Creative Nails
In my own magazine reading at the salon, I picked up a few hints about the life of the modern gal/guy, none of which, in my opinion, bode terribly well for the future of our hippie/feminist utopia that we were so fervently rushing toward back in the day.  But then, alas, here I am at a nail salon in Arlington Heights on a warm, even downright hot day in the city.  Perhaps this tells the whole story of our demise.

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