Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear ATT

Midcentury gem: rare in Oak Park but not extinct.
Dear AT&T, 
Thank you for providing me and my family with mediocre dsl connection.  My constant drops in internet connection have prevented me from fully indulging in my obsession with Pinterest and other online activities.  When the connection slows down, it gives me an opportunity to walk away from the computer and do something eat breakfast.  Today, in particular, I'm grateful that you are visiting my alley to inspect the wiring and connection to my home.  Because our date will occur sometime between 8AM and 8PM, it gives me ample excuse to sit in my pajamas for the entire day, surfing the web and pinning images, so I can accurately log the multiple occasions that internet service is interrupted.  If it weren't for you, AT&T, I might have dragged myself out of bed this morning and gone for a bike ride, or at least a run sometime before 12 noon.  But with your loving support,  I'm sitting here with a cup of hot coffee and bowl of ten grain cereal.  Oh well, let's hope we can resolve this issue, or I'll never leave this desk.

With Warmth,

ps: in case you're wondering, AT&T, why I've attached a photo of the above home, (which is not my home, as you probably already know), it's because I wonder, deep in the recesses of my mind, whether everyone in our fine village suffers such angst at the hands of the telecom giant, (you), dear friend.  Is it possible that each of us, in our own way, is experience sub-par experience, be it with our home telephone service, our internet, or even our cellular service?  This home, one of my favorite midcentury houses in Oak Park, looks so pristine and complete. It's hard to imagine that it's inhabitants suffer such inconveniences also.  Usually, when my computer sputters or I hear static on the line on my telephone, I assume it's some blunder of mine, or my family's...but really, what if these folks are suffering too? After all, they have a vintage portal-front door, painted to perfection, a bleached coral. Don't they deserve the great service as promised?  Well?


  1. Amen sister. I love your point of view. Thanks for being so eloquent.

  2. you're lovely, friend! Just signed up with Comcast...enough is enough. we shall see! but for now, humor is important~