Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On the inside, a fabulous drag queen with muscles and flair and sexuality, on the outside, suburban mom/feminista with the coolest kids ever.

The unencumbered woman had a big night,  a visit to the live opening of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  

With camera in hand and a witty thirteen year old in tow, I figured we'd have no problem creating some glamorous shots.  Unfortunately, everything we took looks like suburban mom's night out mixed with a tour of one of Louis Sullivan's crown jewels.  How I love the Auditorium Theater.  It is beautiful and perfectly composed, in every way that Sullivan imagined.  My breath is taken away, each and every time I visit this amazing Chicago institution.  How lucky we are. 

mama likes Sullivan's repeating geometric patterns. 
You can find this right here in Ol' Oak Park (FLW Home & Studio)

But let's face it, kids, were not getting any younger, and well, we don't really look so glamorous.  Earthy Mama, I suppose, with a little flair, is about all I can muster.  Oh well, here's the rub. This is one of those evenings in which the inner matters so much more than the exterior--sort of funny while experiencing a musical that tells a story of kindness masked by obsession over looks, sexualized imagery and, well, really fabulous, hot looking people moving and grooving in fantabulous costumery and sexy sexy sexy wear.
We sat and enjoyed the crowd for a long time before show's beginning.  There is no way to give any sort of justice, whatsoever to Sullivan's design.  The lights, stencils, repeating geometric patterns and warm colors fill me with utter love and awe each and every time I've visited this theater.

When the show started, phones and cameras were off and we were transported to another time, a sweet time in our minds full of dance, song, great empowering images of the selves that we are on the inside manifested in our exterior charms.  A great visual feast with fabulous dancing and music and color and laughter and uniqueness (if that's even a word), this gives us permission to live big.  Play big. Love big.  It's all too short friends.  One day, dancing at the End Up at 6 in the morning,

 another day, encumbered with mortgage and work and kids and worries.  live and love when you can, friends!  I love this film, I love this Musical. I was that goofy woman in front of you who was grooving and singing along to all my favorite tunes.
Midway through it all, I leaned in close to daughter and said, "with some of the more raunchy content, I'm more embarrassed in front of all these rich old white people than I am embarrassed in front of my daughter."  I think she got it.

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