Sunday, March 10, 2013

Goodbye, winter....we saw so little of you!

click. wake up!
 Last time I checked in, I was in the throes of some serious lack of motivation.  It happens.  Life can simply be exhausting, and I'm so lucky for the beauty and love and abundance in my life.  Here I am, captured by my stealth photographer on some sunny Sunday afternoon.  And this collection of shots, a sort of goodbye perfect winter quiet day walk in the neighborhood.  The sheer beauty of architecture of homes in my surround is breathtaking, particularly with a fresh coat of snow and lung-cleansing blue sky.
these box hedges were once the dominant landscape in this suburb. rarer and rarer today.

this willow grove was planted at the park only a few years ago.  

Gorgeous, well-loved. All year long.  I worship this gardener.
from a beloved yard.

One Day. Prairie meets midcentury. Can't get any better.

And in Chicago.  Touches, everywhere. Wrought iron. Heavy Door. 

This house holds so much mystery.  Unfortunately it backs up to some large traditional homes, removing it's necessary open landscaping.  Nonetheless,  a favorite.

This makes me happy!
Back closer to my own home. I adore the repetitive charm of wood and brick bungalows, altered over the years making every site it's own curious artistic expression.  My neighbors who boldly pot plastic flowers, I'm so in love with this idea. Yes! Year-round flowers! Low maintenance!
Ashby says she likes to look for a house with a porch big enough for a party. Here we are, and it's sublime!
Just around the corner, this sweet mid-century saltbox style bungalow.  Check out the modern door, and the glass door with snow-flake patterns.  ADORE. 

The Unencumbered Woman lives.
And what of this unencumbered business? Am I still working that angle?  Well, heck, yeah!!!! It's all about attitude. Approach and attitude.  Troubles, stress, fear, anger? Let it go.  Take that walk, ask for a hug, go to sleep, enjoy great food.  Don't spend what you don't have.  Live a little, but not too much.

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