Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adorn thyself....musings of a yarn-madwoman.

Political junkies and sports fans, I know you've got your plate full and all, but the Unencumbered is All Too Aware of the pitfalls of relying on the actions of others to deliver us from insanity. And so it goes.  Bedtime for this woman when the talking heads start to grind away.  What else is there?  Why, calm and quiet, of course!
But wait, there's more! It's fall in the Northern Hemisphere and everything is aglow!  Time to whip out some crafty projects and not a minute too soon!  Sore back, sore knee, sore lip...I need to exercise those sedentary muscles.  Polishing off a watch cap and matching fingerless mittens.  LOVE!  Photos, courtesy of Ashby.  I'll take the phenomenal weather and breathe it all in.

watchcap series: Mom's 60s magazine collection.

add a styling' vest from the beautiful friends...good to go.

catch the leaves, girl!


catch the maple tree. for real!

I bow down to the beauties and wonder of mother nature and all that this planet has delivered us.

Oh my god.  So many of these people totally don't see things the way I see them!!! Arg!!!!! Read an article for cryin' out  loud!!!!
But can we agree on this? Autumn is Amazing. Hobbies are good. Yarn is soft.  People who make things are working on keeping the planet working in a good direction.  Make things, admire that which is around you.  Adorn thyself.
Sublime. Simple. 

for those who need to know: Mother's Day: September 1965

Yarnage? :extra fine merino, silk, cashmere.  yummmm!!!!!!

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