Sunday, January 22, 2012

Take that, Mama!

This is what i got in response for asking the one to get a shovel out on friday afternoon.

Can I go ahead of you, ma? I'm too fast!
Glorious winter continues! Finally! A storm  that keeps us under the covers for sufficient days on end! This is what we truly need in order to get ready for everything that comes next.  So how do we celebrate at the land of un-encumbered-ness? Well, as I've alluded, we're now living with an adolescent, so the gloves are off.  Whatever tricks Peter and I had devised up until now to get our kids to behave the way we see fit, well, those tricks are coming around in full circle.  We have a glimpse of what we're looking at for the next quite a few years, and it might be rough going.  So how do we deal with this stress and still remain unencumbered?  Laugh out loud, talk, and go skiing!!!! Yes dog!!! Look at little one on the skis! We're ready for the next phase, no problem.

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