Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get this girl some outdoor sports, hills, and fun!!!!

 A girl after my very own heart. I went to pick her up after two hours on the sledding hill (yes, we have a hill here in OP), and as soon as we got home, there was a voice mail waiting from another friend. Does she want to go the the sledding hill (again?). Yes...of course!!!! She ate a plate full of rice fried with egg and mushroom, a nice looking orange, and poof!  Swept away for more fun outdoors (not to mention the tough two hour pool workout this morning).
I've always said, "This kid shouldn't have ever left Vermont."..but here she is. The only reason I bothered to bring the camera was that sinking feeling that there are only so many more times that she's going to go to the sledding hill, say, as a kid.  After all, with this year's growth spurt she barely fits the snowboarding pants we bought last year, and she's very nearly my height.  Where is the time going?
Obviously, it's a human-built hill, but it's steep and icy, all
that's necessary.

Maybe that's why I'm so nostalgic for Vermont these days.  Those first three years were truly magical, and we had so much time ahead of us, so we thought.  I have to be careful what I say around here about LBA (Life Before Ashby).  Ashby , ever the articulator of human emotions and relationships, reminds me that it is hurtful for her to hear about how idyllic it was when we lived in our ranch house in Burlington and biked with the burley and here are a few shots of my "baby", who, for the moment, doesn't mind yet that I photograph her.

Church Street, Burlington (no cars!!!!!)
Shelburne Triathlon 2002

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