Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm so excited to have about ten blog posts queued up in my head:

Change in topography (creating altitude in our mind)
On top of our hike

  • Trips out of town to altitude, hills and bike able cities 
  • Long time dear friends
  • Cycling with a wide open smile
  • Co-ops elsewhere
  • What is a Co-op?
  • Local Yarn store Love
  • Time with friends
  • Social media time-out 
  • Great food and our Sugar Beet co-op. 
  • Yarning up a storm.  
  • The season has been incredibly beautiful.
  • Time Change
  • Indigenous Peoples Day & other Fall Celebrations
  • Local Field Trips 

On my hike
That said, it's another beautiful day and I always want to pedal somewhere, anywhere, especially after a trip to Colorado.  So, instead of wrapping my brain around writing and formatting a blog post, I'm out there for one last day of glorious blue sky and yellow leaves.

 And you, LF?  What's up in your world? Taking time to assign significance to the things that matter to you?  Are you making an effort, even in the smallest fashion, to change the heart and mind of at least one person in your community?  Are you eating something whole and amazing?  Are you outside?  Are you gazing into the eyes of your child, your friend, an animal? Are you taking the time to savor our time here, today? If that's not possible today, then I hope sooner than later. One of the few things we can hope to have access to is stillness, quiet, air and our own thoughts.

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