Friday, September 13, 2013

Dahlia Shrug...Fresh off the Hook!

OK, it's official, y'all!  I've gone from dragging my sorry behind to work five days a week down to three and I'm so happy I might just cry!!! So what better way to celebrate my first Friday of unencumberment than to blog about my fabulous new Dahlia Shrug.  All I can say is...let the pictures do the talking.  LF, you'll remember this pricey, hand-spun, Canadian sea silk fine yarn was my major find of the summer, and it's all worked up, blocked, and ready for wear.

I don't know how often folks tell me that I should be plying my trade as a fiber artist.  I always chuckle.  Crochet is, after all, a hand-made affair.  Sweat shop doesn't even come close to describing the sort of labor necessary to create anything with a hook.  Occasionally I'll see a really cute crochet item at Urban Outfitters or the like, and it's so cute, and so incredibly cheap, I try all I might to imagine how/who built it.  As most things in the world these days, it's just too painful to imagine...So I try to make a little this, and a little that, and embellish my own wardrobe, or sometimes gift a friend.
What else can a gal do?  

Peter, we're on our way to our daughter's High School! Can you believe?

A bit on assembly.  All great crochet motif patterns involve attaching one motif to the next without actually sewing assembly.  This adorable shrug follows that standard.  There are ten motifs, attached as I hooked, then a woven fishnet type stitch that built sides and cap sleeves.

 The great news, upon finishing this divine work, is that I bought exactly twice as much yarn as needed.  So, now to decide whether I create a new object, or make the same shrug and auction/gift it off.  Time to decide and figure this out. The yarn is lovely, but I've obviously moved on to other projects, already.
Auction item?  Who knows... case you're trying to find some unencumberment on a Friday morning.  You might want to join me...stitching, running, swimming, or checking out the early bird affair at a groovy Estate Sale.  It's all within our reach, we just have to make it happen.

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