Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unencumbered...At Last.

A metal lawn chair, a skein of high quality crochet thread, a vast sky, and a familiar vista, from which to observe the shifting tides of season and day and moment.  I'm so lucky to have a place to return to every year.  It never gets old.

I've been working this skirt since early summer.  It's a lot easier than some of the endeavors I've approached lately, and of course, it's another Doris Chan.  I simply can't get enough of her brilliant designs.  Found in this Spring's edition of Interweave Crochet, called the Zuma Skirt.
Another evening I caught a slightly different view of the meadow and barn.  On this occasion, I had no camera, planning to sit and yarn quietly, but the sky shocked me it was so gorgeous so I ran back to the house to grab a camera.  The late afternoon sky makes every little bit of everything worth it.

And at last, the beginnings of working a shrug with my gorgeous yarn fromToronto's Lettuce Knit yarn store.  This sea silk is hand spun, dyed, and simply amazing to touch and gaze upon.  My most special yarn treat of the season.

What's the point of being a gal on the go without a tidy little suitcase to carry objects of our passion?  This cutie-pie, the Travel Smart, has been a loyal companion for me.
With the assistance of Ashby's photographic eye, a moment, a mood captured.  Part of being unencumbered means taking the vibe back to the chaos and noise of everyday life.  So, here's my attempt to mark time, mark my own mood, and experience an unclenched jaw and deep filled lung breaths.
And, of course, waiting for us next time.  An even greater reason to return.  The Ravensburger Jigsaw puzzle 2000 awaits.  We've got the sky done, and a bit more.  I'm eager for the luscious obsession of puzzling with a giant mug of coffee at my side.  Put a fork in me. I'm done.
When you finish the sky first, you know it's a hard puzzle.

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