Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Unencumbered Cat

Julie reached out to me this morning in what I can only describe as a gentle reminder that this month might be particularly difficult for me.  Huh.  Here I was thinking that this weekend was smooth sailing, all the way!  We stopped, amidst our "tree-like-object"

decorating celebration and I reminded the family that although I seem sort of like myself these days (except the part where I live in my jammies), my parents were always really really into the whole Christmas decoration and ritual thing, so, well, I might be a total wreck come this weekend.  Peter, bless his heart, insisted that we roll the high kitsch cd's that would be our usual December soundtrack.  How awesome is this dude? Really?  He hates this music, and it's all for me.  Something about Ella's version of What are you Doing New Years Eve got to me this afternoon. Everyone had finished their share of their adorning and were out in the world. Me, left with the remaining tidying that would define my role in the family, set the lighting just right and there I go.  Sheesh! Why do I feel This Rotten?  Go figure, but here I am, and Lena Horne's recording of the song is even more haunting than that Ol' Ella cd that I've been listening to, well, forever.

But even though it was just about the greyest, darkest, non-snowiest December Day, ever, somehow we pulled it together and made it a success.  I've been jawing about a pair of killer Adrian Pearsall chairs that were on sale at the Broadway Antique Mall .  Somehow I finagled a gift out of the whole thing, and boy am I thrilled with the results! Check this out!!!


"what's the cat gonna do to these things?"


"The Unencumbered Cat"  -Peter

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  1. love it! Remind me to show you my racing cat photos on the 22nd :-)